Quality finishes

Solyfonte’s addition to its foundry services, offers an extra service to its clients on preparing their parts with more or less varied advanced trim levels, according to their expectations, hand polishing or mechanical, hot plated… Solyfonte offers customers an extra service more or less detailed in finishing their castings.

Depending on their needs and purpose of the products we supply the raw castings or offer pre-polished or polished parts (hand or mechanical), chiseled, hot-plated (gold, silver, palladium). We can also handle the assembly of parts by soldering or TIG welding.

Chiselling, polishing: Our finishes department, supports the preparation of customer fonts that wish, simply mesmerizing complete polishing, whether done by hand or using our full equipment of tribological finish (wet and dry).

The polished parts can be directly taken care by us for 18K gold plating surface treatments, silver plating, and palladium plating (shiny or matt treatments).

Our finishing department also offers hot traditional patina finishes with a large panel of “classic” colors, which we define with our clients.

Lastly, we integrate since many years of cutter-paths service on cast iron, for parts with a need for absolute precision. We have the ability to process the rectification of castings by 5-axis machining, milling and turning.

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