Solyfonte carries out for you any project and offers many achievements. Doesn’t matter if they are ambitious, original or simple, we can offer many services such as prototyping, foundry or patina finishes. Our flexibility allows us to work in different related fields such as jewelry creation, where we work with prestigious luxury brands, interior design, events in the creation of trophies and medals, or art through the realization of sculptures.

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Trophies and Medals

Solyfonte regularly carries out trophies and medals for big events (Athletic, cultural …). We can create your pieces as you wish, in small or large series. Our latest creation, the Valois trophy, made for the Francophone Film Festival of Angouleme, was customed made in bronze.   Contact us


The Solyfonte workshop continually works with artists and creators.We can mold and melt all your parts.Your sculpted works can be reproduced and patinated according to your wishes. Our craftsmen have a real know-how to meet your needs.Every detail of your room is taken into account to achieve a perfect result....Découvrir


We create for most luxury brands, different parts of silverware as ashtrays, pens or lighters. We create custom parts through our 3D department. We can create, mold and melt all your parts, from small to large series. Contact us

Interior decoration

Our studio works with all crafts, including interior design. We realize for you unique parts in their kind as lamps or bronze door handles. We also work with luxury brands to expand their product range, especially in the table art. Contact us.