Areas of activity

Solyfonte is involved in many areas. Jewelry, fine jewelry, sculpture, decoration, trophies, silversmithing, tableware, cosmetics, fashion, industry… We answer each of your requests and your smallest needs by transcribing them on each of our created parts.

Table Arts

Cutlery, represents today, both cosmetic accessories and necessary tools. The table arts is a degree of attention brought around the meal. The dual requirements of both functional and aesthetics, represents a real challenge in the creation process. Table arts are now highly acclaimed and are booming. Our team, over the years,...Découvrir

Fine Jewellery

Our workshop has rare simultaneously skills, in the professional world of jewelry and fine-jewelry, with a 3D department and workshops of integrated production. In the jewelry field, creation is limitless. Have you ever imagined a jewel that would be fully designed by you? Come share your ideas and we will accompany you...Découvrir


Solyfonte has been involved for several years in the field of cosmetics. In a market as demanding as the perfume and cosmetics, we can do for you mockups and prototyping according to your desires. We have no limit and we can assist you throughout the process of creating your product....Découvrir


The interior design is a field that is growing constantly. Approaching design with a contemporary vision, making it evolves… With our  3D department we create custom decorative objects, which will bring certainly a touch of originality in your living space by their unique appearance. Whether they are bronze door handles...Découvrir


Thanks to our 3D printing and fast prototyping services, you can greatly reduce costs and shorten the development time, fact that is a considerable asset in this sector of the industry. With our rapid prototyping, your time is greatly reduced, by our speed of execution. Not only will your product development...Découvrir


Our workshop, has its services demanded in fashion, in addition to working with arts. The world of fashion is always more and more demanding for exceptional products, Solyfonte has adapted to these market changes. France is above all a world reference for fashion and the home of high fashion. The fashion industry...Découvrir


The field of goldsmith is an area that requires a set of expertise. Pens, ashtrays,  luxury lighters… We do not limit ourselves only to small parts and we make custom parts such as chandeliers or door handles… Our workshop produced numerous pieces of silverware for individuals but also to  designers and...Découvrir


Our workshop collaborates with different artists and designers. Depending on your needs, we can mold and to melt any type of statues. Your every wish can be reproduced and sculpted. Our expertise can meet your every need, every detail of your room will be taken into account in order to obtain...Découvrir


Solyfonte regularly produces trophies and medals for large events (athletic, cultural, competitions, events…). We can create your trophies according to your desires, in one copy, large or small series. For example the Valois trophy of the Francophone Film Festival in Angoulême, was custom-made, in bronze.   As stated above, we...Découvrir