Bandeau-du-hautSolyfonte has been involved for several years in the field of cosmetics.

In a market as demanding as the perfume and cosmetics, we can do for you mockups and prototyping according to your desires.

We have no limit and we can assist you throughout the process of creating your product. From designing it by computer aided design (CAD)

to its hand-made or mechanical finishing, depending on the products.
Collections in limited edition, exclusive bottle, decorative elements, our 3D department can meet all your expectations.
We can create accessories that combines perfectly with the shape of your perfume bottles or other cosmetic product in order to create unique parts.

We can also offer you only the design of your parts in 3D, without necessarily intervene in the creative process.

Our team has learned to understand and support the creative intention, to adapt a shape based on its volume, of its contents, in order to develop it while ensuring its ergonomics. We are considering all technical solutions to better respond to your request.

Our unique expertise allows us to offer a deal that is in the Made in France” luxury tradition.