Fine Jewellery


Our workshop has rare simultaneously skills, in the professional world of jewelry and fine-jewelry, with a 3D department and workshops of integrated production.

In the jewelry field, creation is limitless. Have you ever imagined a jewel that would be fully designed by you? Come share your ideas and we will accompany you throughout your project

All jewelry can be created in our workshops where skill and artistic sens are primarily highlighted. Especially with the mastery of advanced machines

tools and new technologies.

Our quality workmanship allows us to work for big names of the French jewelery as well as many other creators.
We can, according to your desires, create complete collections by intervening in a particular stage of creation or manage the production line from the prototyping stage to its final production.

For each of your accomplishments, we have the opportunity to perform 3D rendering in order to have an overview of the product and be able to translate every detail with great precision. Solyfonte masters a wide technical range, that is being used depending on inspirations and aesthetic requirements specific to each piece of jewelry.

Our teams are full of creativity and we manufacture tirelessly new jewelry; rings, bracelets, pendants..

You want a gem “Made in France ” of the highest quality? Call upon Solyfonte and we take care of everything from its prototyping to its design; your jewelry will be entirely made from your image.

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