Final-hautThe field of goldsmith is an area that requires a set of expertise.


Pens, ashtrays,  luxury lighters… We do not limit ourselves only to small parts and we make custom parts such as chandeliers or door handles

Our workshop produced numerous pieces of silverware for individuals but also to  designers and sculptors.

Our team is able to meet all your requirements regarding the design, manufacture and reproduction in  diverse and varied fields as fixtures, locksmith, furnishings, tableware and other decorations

For our high silverware activity, our products are made entirely by hand and according to traditional techniques. This irreplaceable human expertise is perpetuated by artisans  highly qualified and is a true living heritage.

Our master goldsmiths provide great care in implementing the different stages of production and to ensure the sustainability of the pieces that are created. Our expertise and our expertise, is for better serving our most exigent customers. Now we are responding to a specific request: exclusivity and impeccable quality.
We are able to offer unique pieces created at the same quality.

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