visu-top-finalThanks to our 3D printing and fast prototyping services, you can greatly reduce costs and shorten the development time, fact that is a considerable asset in this sector of the industry.


With our rapid prototyping, your time is greatly reduced, by our speed of execution. Not only will your product development cycle is considerably smaller but your final prototype will have a better quality and with a sense of high quality printing.
All industry sectors will only gain by using the 3D techniques.

All parts that you imagine will be produced by using rapid prototyping. This will create more lighter parts, more functional, but also more resistant.

We also have the ability to repair your parts by identically recreating them. Our 3D design department can scan the part in 3D or simply redraw it in 3D.

In the transportation sector, the 3D printing

allows testing without budget constraint. Replacing the machine made parts (long-time and expensive to produce), with the 3D printed parts, can significantly reduce production costs. We are talking about additive manufacturing: 3D will give the desired shape and will not need to subtract a material.

Materialize mechanical parts with complex shapes, hardly achievable by other manufacturing methods. Our additive manufacturing allows you to find the best ratio between strength, weight and cost of implementation for your mechanical parts. Starting from a 3D file, we print your items regardless of complexity.

More and more aircraft engineers trust the 3D modelling

for prototyping and manufacturing parts. The evolution and constant improvement of vehicles require parts that they optimally thought. The design optimization is essential and that is why engineers are turning to 3D printing: the permitted possibilities are of considerable benefit to stimulate innovation in aeronautics and Aerospace industry.

Our production also allow you to make very small series and medium series which will allow you to release your production lines.

These industries, permanently in the search for lighter and more durable components are sectors that increasingly using our services.

3D in the automotive industry smoothens the production chain. Ideal for creating car prototypes and high-precision parts, 3D enables high performance engineering and promotes repetitive work.

Today Solyfonte offers solutions to meet the challenges of the mechanical industries, transport, aeronautics and the increasingly demanding aerospace.