Our workshop collaborates with different artists and designers. Depending on your needs, we can mold and to melt any type of statues.


Your every wish can be reproduced and sculpted. Our expertise can meet your every need, every detail of your room will be taken into account in order to obtain statues within optimal results.

The mastery in bronze casting, that we have for several years, gives our sculptures an impeccable quality. That’s why we create unique and customized art objects.

Our bronze statues can be produced starting from a 3D model and are subsequently manufactured through many steps requiring special expertise that our craftsmen master perfectly. The technique is called lost wax; this is an ancient method that is still used today.

Our founders perform a major work, in fact it is they who have the role to place around the room wax plasters which will eventually allow the metal to replace the wax model.

Each of our statues reflects the skill and mastery of our artisans.

Discover all our achievements.