Table Arts

Cutlery, represents today, both cosmetic accessories and necessary tools. The table arts is a degree of attention brought around the meal.

The dual requirements of both functional and aesthetics, represents a real challenge in the creation process. Table arts are now highly acclaimed and are booming. Our team, over the years, has managed to meet the expectations of consumers in terms of handling, appearance, ergonomics and durability

The manufacture of a knife or a cutlery requires many very different operations. The tableware all require an unique expertise, that we master perfectly.

This mastery of our craftsmen is reflected by the creation of knives and forks. Our workshops also create spoons, customized full-sets, perfect for wedding gifts. Teapots, cups and dishes but also empty pockets and centerpieces.

Solyfonte collaborates with major Luxury brands to expand their product range, always, we have the desire to control all the various stages of production during the manufacturing process.

All our creations are made in compliance with the craft traditions while involving new technologies.

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