final-tropheeSolyfonte regularly produces trophies and medals for large events (athletic, cultural, competitions, events…).


We can create your trophies according to your desires, in one copy, large or small series.

For example the Valois trophy of the Francophone Film Festival in Angoulême, was custom-made, in bronze.


As stated above, we can create trophies for all types of demands; trophies for sports awards, whether individual or collective. Cultural trophies are also created for events related to broadcasting but also for the musical world, in areas like jazz. Our trophies are also present on theme exhibitions such as the Grimaud euro festival. Solyfonte also created custom items for various and varied competitions. Whether in the field of wine and spirits, hunting or architecture. For example, we already made trophies for the World Cup of bakeries.


Our parts are going through several manufacturing processes and combine traditional methods

but also, more sophisticated processes.

Creating a custom trophy is a outcome between creative conversations around your project. We will accompany you on every step of your project, from the first sketch to the final prototype validation. A trophy is the result of a long process of reflection, it takes shape and becomes matter.

Whether for a marketing campaign or to reward a milestone in the life of your business or even to lead a seminar or simply for a personal request, each trophy will be designed according to your wishes. This is the Solyfonte’s trademark, all our parts are unique. Each trophy that leaves our workshop is unique, allowing you to express your individuality through this special part.

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