Production workshops

For over 25 years, Solyfonte is a investment castings and foundry reference of art, offering a wide range of products, combining flexibility and high reactivity and a large requirement for production.

We make no concession on the professionalism and commitment of our employees and the quality of selected tools and materials to ensure a level of consistently high quality.

Cuts and laser engravings

Our workshop is equipped with a laser at the cutting edge of modernity for cutting and engraving your products. Cutting and laser engraving of your products offers an unmatched quality. We can work with different types of bronze, and more broadly all types of metal. Laser cuts To manufacture your...Découvrir

The polishing

Polishing is an important step in the finishing of parts that come out from our workshops. It is an abrasive procedure, the aim of this step is to get a good appearance and a surface finish of high quality. A good quality polishing, is characterized by a higher gloss and...Découvrir


The lost-wax casting induces the principle of reproduction of an original part by molding process. This molding, generally made of elastomer material, allows to flow or inject hot wax, which consequently takes, after cooling, the form of the original part that was molded. This step is very important for obtaining a perfectly...Découvrir

The Foundry

Solyfonte always commits on the quality of used metals. Unlike many providers, we guarantee quality of alloys that we’re sinking, we don’t use recycled metals or recovery but products certified by specialized and renowned industrial manufacturers. We have no minimum order and we are able to adapt with the greater...Découvrir