Cuts and laser engravings

Top gravure laser

Our workshop is equipped with a laser at the cutting edge of modernity for cutting and engraving your products. Cutting and laser engraving of your products offers an unmatched quality. We can work with different types of bronze, and more broadly all types of metal.

Laser cuts

Visuel-gravure-laserTo manufacture your parts, Solyfonte offers laser cutting. We use a computer file of the part to be produced (2D file, .DXF…). If you don’t have the file, this is not a problem as we will take full responsibility. Once we have the file to be used, we will use our special software to give work instructions to the laser machine. Then the cutting file is initialized in the system of the machine. Depending on the complexity of the part to be produced, laser cutting may take from few minutes to several hours.

Laser engraving

Our workshop can perform laser engravings. With an identical process to laser cutting, our machine combines speed and productivity for all types of engraving.