The Foundry


Solyfonte always commits on the quality of used metals. Unlike many providers, we guarantee quality of alloys that we’re sinking, we don’t use recycled metals or recovery but products certified by specialized and renowned industrial manufacturers.

We have no minimum order and we are able to adapt with the greater flexibility and responsiveness to create a unique part and series.
We have developed a broad product range in order to meet the most of customer requests on the lost-wax Foundry:

Solyfonte proposes for smelting your parts and works of art, bronze, brass and aluminum. Excellent in metal smelting, we offer premium quality metals and guaranteed to be lead-free.

Different shades of metal are available for our alloys in bronze, guaranteed of high quality (of minimum 65% copper). We offer:

  • Bronze yellow art
  • Bronze red art
  • Bronze white art
  • Bronze jewelry pink or white (without nickel)
  • Premium brass
  • Aluminum

The bronze

Bronze is an alloy composed largely of copperSolyfonte, in a quality approach, is using a minimum of 65% copper for its alloys. The composition of the bronze may be up to 95% copper. The remaining 5% are usually tin, which will be used to change the color of the bronze. Some foundries added also lead in this alloy. Solyfonte guarantees an unleaded composition in all alloys.

Our craftsmen offer different shades of bronze:

Bronze jaune

Yellow bronze

Bronze blanc

White bronze

Bronze rouge

Red bronze


Brass is an alloy composed, like bronze, from a large amount of copper. The difference from a bronze alloy is that brass has added zinc. This alloy offers a better hardness and increases its mechanical resistance. It should be noted that our alloy always consists at a minimum of 65% of copper. We work with lead-free alloy.



Aluminum is a soft and light, very durable metal. It is widely used in various industries, such as automotive, construction and aerospace. Aluminum alloy consists mainly of aluminum, coupled with other elements such as copper, silicon, magnesium, zinc or titanium.


Wax tree assembly

The wax installation is an important step which directly influence the quality of the casting.

For the creation of a wax tree, our employees use a rubber support in order to place a main wax supply.

It will be used to weld the different parts in wax. To proceed with the installation, the end of the power rod is heated with an iron soldering, to melt the wax. The end of the rod is then placed on the tree and kept in position, until cool down. The part is then attached to the tree.

We repeat the handling until the tree is complete.



When the wax trees are complete, preparers, start the coating stage. To do so, they insert a stainless steel cylinder in the base rubber. Everything will form a form to be used for the molding of the coating (the coating consists of ultra-fine refractory plaster and high thermal resistance).

An automatic vacuum receives in an upper tank the water/plaster mixing and in a lower tank prepared forms. After a first cycle of mixing and degassing the plaster, the latter is vacuumed in each form cylinder, thereby coating the whole of each wax tree (the vacuum ensures that the plaster will lodge in the lower gap and detail waxes and no air bubbles could remain trapped under parts)

The plaster is then set in drying during a part of the day prior to being burned for a complete cycle of more than 12 firing hours. The latter will be in increments ranging up to 800° C.


Metal casting

Baking of the coatings is finishing during the next morning and are then ready for the metal layout casting.

Solyfonte has a very powerful hardware, more efficient and accurate than traditional gas crucibles. In fact, the metal is melted and cast using high frequency induction machines allowing a melting rapid and exact control of the temperature of the metal.

The entire cast is carried out under a vacuumed environment, thanks to specially designed boxes.

After cooling of the cast metal, the coatings are removed under high pressure chambers and the pig iron is blasted to remove plaster residues.

This know-how and the equipment used to obtain quality fonts and excellent reproduction of original details, and that, whatever the alloy asked in a choice we wanted as the broadest possible:

  • Bronzes of art (65% minimum copper) rose shades/yellow/white
  • Premium brass
  • Premium bronze nickel free guaranteed for jewelry: pink shades/yellow/white
  • Aluminum

Note that all of our alloys are guaranteed without lead, in accordance with the new European regulations REACH.

Feel free to contact us in order to estimate the cost of our services..