The polishing


Polishing is an important step in the finishing of parts that come out from our workshops. It is an abrasive procedure, the aim of this step is to get a good appearance and a surface finish of high quality. A good quality polishing, is characterized by a higher gloss and shine…

Solyfonte masters since many years the different types of high quality polishing:

The manual polishing

PolissageV3This is work that is performed for parts that require the most attention.It requires a lot of time and experience to be done properly. Working time depends on the complexity of the work-piece and the desired appearance. Various aspects can be obtained; satin polishing, the surface will be perfectly polished but will not be completely sharpened. A brushed finish; the surface is polished in the same direction through the use of a specific grain in order to obtain the brushed finish. The polished mirror; the surface is polished and sharpened with a fine felt adapted to different types of materials.

Mechanical polishing

The mechanical polishing by tribofinishing; it is a solution that enables significant time savings over the medium and large series since it is fully automated! This process utilizes abrasives that will be used by an automated machine. The result of this process is extremely accurate and the object’s surface is polished on every corner. This technique consists in processing a work-piece which is arranged in a vibrating tank filled with abrasive and caustic liquid which facilitates the task. The treatment is done in several stages, each time with different abrasives. The final phase may be carried out with micro beads and a brightening additive which will allow to avoid the application of a varnish.