The R&D Department

For over 10 years, Solyfonte has been at the forefront of the integrated services, 3D modeling and rapid prototyping…

Over the technological developments, our company has integrated highly qualified personnel and has equipped with ever more efficient materials. Thus we have a complete fleet of machines to offer a range of services including 3D technical drawing or artistic modeling, times 3D scanning, made to scale services, etc… 3D printing of all sizes (wax and hard resin), processing on 5-axis machine …


12 years ago, Solyfonte was the first foundry to integrate a 3D development department, offering computer CAD design services, and high resolution fast prototyping services. This department has kept up with the best technologies of the market, equipping the best software and also with an advanced machine park. Customized projects...Découvrir


Our Art foundry has a three-dimensional laser scanner, to reproduce on a computer, your parts, sculptures and works. Solyfonte offers 3D scanning for all your parts. Transferred to a computer, our prototype designers can perform for you all kinds of changes on the 3D file. We can also send the reproduction...Découvrir


Solyfonte is equipped for 3D printing of lost wax prototypes. Send us your CAO files (.STL Type) , and we will proceed to manufacture them. You do not have any 3D files? Consult our CAD dedicated page. All our wax pieces can be melted in the metal of your choice...Découvrir