12 years ago, Solyfonte was the first foundry to integrate a 3D development department, offering computer CAD design services, and high resolution fast prototyping services. This department has kept up with the best technologies of the market, equipping the best software and also with an advanced machine park.

Customized projects

The 3D department supports:

  • All types of project (all sectors with which we work: Jewelry / Fine Jewelry, Luxury Trades, Silverware, Home Decor / outdoor, industry…)..
  • At any stage of development according to information provided by our customers (idea, sketch, technical, partially crafted file, project already designed to adapt to the foundry trial …).
  • The provision of high-resolution prototyping from the most efficient machines on the market (wax prototyping technology directly fuse/prototyping technology hard resin for high definition molding).
  • Machining of parts in 5-axis machines.