Our workshop, in addition to working in the artistic field, is also very much in demand in the fashion field.

Our creations are all meticulously crafted in our workshops in France and thanks to our know-how they will bring out the smallest details of them. 

We can create simple buckles for handbags, lapel or shirt buttons but also luxury cases.

Having already collaborated with the great luxury brands of the Place Vendôme, we are involved in the highly appreciated field of haute couture. Our workshops also produce single-use products, in particular bronze or brass accessories for fashion shows in exceptional locations around the world.



Whether it is for a marketing operation, to reward an important event in the life of your company or simply for a more personal request, each trophy will be made to your image. This is the trademark of Solyfonte, all our pieces are different. Each trophy that leaves our workshop is unique, allowing you to express your singularity through this unique piece.

The mastery of bronze casting that we have had for several years, gives our trophies, statues and other sculptures an impeccable quality. This is why we create unique and custom-made art objects.

fast prototyping


With our 3D printing and rapid prototyping services, you can significantly reduce development time and costs, which is a great advantage in the industry.

Any part you can imagine can be produced in rapid prototyping. This makes it possible to create lighter, more functional but also stronger parts.

We can also repair your parts by recreating them identically. Our 3D design department can scan the part in 3 dimensions or simply redesign the part in 3D.

expertise & know-how


Our master goldsmiths take the greatest care in the execution of the different stages of production to ensure the durability of the pieces we create. All our expertise and know-how is at the service of the most demanding customers. We now respond to a very specific demand: that of exclusivity and irreproachable quality.

We are able to offer you unique pieces, all created with the same high standards.

endless possibilities


In a market as demanding as that of perfumery and cosmetics, we can create models and prototypes according to your wishes.

We have no limits and can accompany you throughout the entire process of creating your product. From its computer-aided design (CAD) to its hand or mechanical finishing, depending on the product.

Limited edition collections, exclusive bottles, decorative elements, our 3D department can meet all your expectations.

We can create accessories that perfectly match the shape of your perfume bottles or other cosmetic products to transform them into unique pieces.

unique pieces


With our 3D department, we create custom-made decorative objects, which are sure to bring a touch of originality to your living space thanks to their unique appearance.

From bronze door handles to lamps, stair railings and even socket covers… our know-how will meet your expectations. We have also been working with leading interior designers for several years.

a booming sector


The dual requirement of both functionality and aesthetics is a real challenge to create. Today, tableware is very popular and is booming. Over the years, our team has been able to meet consumers’ expectations in terms of handling, appearance, ergonomics, durability, etc…



All your jewellery can be created in our workshops where know-how and artistic sense are above all put forward. In particular with the mastery of state-of-the-art tools and new technologies.

Our quality of manufacture enables us to work for the great names of French jewellery as well as many designers.

We can, according to your wishes, create complete collections by intervening in a particular stage of creation or manage the production chain from its prototyping to its final manufacture.



Newly installed, the workshop for the decoration of spray lacquers, ceramic filler lacquers and baked-on resins and varnishes on Gold, Silver and Bronze.

It completes all our specificities of polishing, surface treatment, rhodium plating, gold plating and silver plating.